School Subjects

The subjects taught in school are very basic, but get complicated as you go on to a higher grade. Some of the basic school subjects that are taught probably everywhere is math, science, language arts, and history. This is important because in the future while doing work is very important because you might need the information to do your job. With the main subjects, most schools also have electives. With these electives, students can develop more skills as they’re taking these lessons like art, music, and sports.


As students go to classes, most of the time teachers assign homework for extra practice for the students to develop their skills more. Homework usually is very useless as most students don’t do it, or search things up. This doesn’t really help them in the long run, but that is up to them. Homework is very important because as you do your homework, your mind develops more and learns more.


During school time you will have to collaborate with others, as you also have to do in the real world. As you collaborate with others, you might have the same choices as others, or similarities, which can make you end up having friends! Because of school, most of the time, you make friends as you see them daily every week.


There are various distraction, especially during school. Most schools have laptops, or some sort of technology, or even phones that are your own and during most classes, you need those electronics, but when not needed, there is a very big chance you will go play games on your electronic because you’re bored. This will keep you distracted, and not paying attention to lessons.

advantages of school

The advantages of school is that you learn things. Things such as math, science, history, and language. As well as your electives such as art, music, and sports. These things will help you in the long run as you can use your learning skills to use them in the future doing your job. The electives that you choose to do during your school years can also help you, as that might end up being what you will do in the future.

disadvantages of school

The disadvantages of school is that it’s a waste of time as in this generation we have developed complicated technology that will help us and give us the information at any time. Such as maths, science, history, and language. Another disadvantage is that there is a huge chance that the students don’t use the knowledge they have anyway. Doing things like copying the homework answers off the internet.